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Above the Soberanes: Aerial Photos from a California Wildfire

On the ground it moved like a wild animal, racing down canyons and up hillsides. It consumed drought-stricken brush and homes in its path with fervor. An esurient predator. Ravenous. Hissing. Roaring. But from the air, it danced.

Happy Holidays!

I made a game time decision to hold off on posting the next memorable travel moments until after Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone!

The Mindful Rebel: Traveling Ethically (What does that even mean?!)

Ethical Traveler’s Best Ethical Destinations Awards for 2015 are in! Plus rumination on the rebellion of travel and the importance of being a mindful rebel. And the winners are…

The California Trifecta: Earthquakes, Strawberries, and Barbecue

So, there I was, sitting in my hotel room near LAX and wondering why on earth I was shaking. Then it hit me. I wasn’t shaking. The building was shaking. Earthquake. It had been a while since I’d felt one of any size. The last one was the magnitude 6.5 San Simeon quake that hit a few days before […]

To Recline, Or Not To Recline: That Is The Question

Take the poll! Take the poll! You know you want to. (It’s at the bottom.) Okay, so maybe Shakespeare, or Bacon, or whoever else might have written those iambic pentametric verses filled with some of the best insults EVER, was never really concerned with the social acceptability of reclining in one’s airplane seat, but I’m […]

Decompression, I Thought You Said My Flights Were Canceled, and the Warmth of Home

Every trip leaves me a little wired. No matter how short the jaunt, there is so much to take in and almost no time to really digest things when I am traveling, but long flights and airport layovers and talking to people I haven’t spoken to in quite some time give me a chance to […]

The Infamous Dive-Bombing Photo and A Few Others

m getting on a plane in a few hours and still have to finish packing up, but I wanted to put a few more pictures up, including some more people shots and the skua dive-bombing photo! More to come when I get home and start processing them. I’m sure there will be some crazy air […]

The Rain In Spain May Stay On The Plain, But The Rain In Antarctica Hovers Over My Boat

January 11-12, 2014. Every morning when I wake up there is this moment where I wonder if any of this is real. Then I poke my head out of my sleeping bag and realize that (a) I am in a sleeping bag and (b) Corpus Christi, Texas cannot possibly be this cold. So, the only […]

The Drake Passage: That Wasn’t So Bad…

Back on the grid! We pushed off from Ushuaia, Argentina on Friday afternoon and headed out into the gray. By midnight, we were already feeling the swells grow and by morning we had made it through Cape Horn and into the Drake. It was not nearly as bad as it could have been, but it […]

Buenos Aires or Bust! No? Just Bust?

Hiya! Betcha didn’t expect to hear from me again quite so soon. You should have. The good news is that I’m in Dallas. The bad news is that I’m in DALLAS. I was supposed to be halfway to Buenos Aires by now, but, I mean, really, what was the likelihood that I would actually make […]