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The Quiet Confidence of Wilderness Medicine

This piece was originally published by the Adventure Collection on May 13, 2017. It had been a disastrous day on Mount Rainier and night was falling. I keenly felt the loss of the sun as a chill seeped through my light down jacket and my teeth began to chatter. A few feet away, my climbing […]

Above the Soberanes: Aerial Photos from a California Wildfire

On the ground it moved like a wild animal, racing down canyons and up hillsides. It consumed drought-stricken brush and homes in its path with fervor. An esurient predator. Ravenous. Hissing. Roaring. But from the air, it danced.

National Park Crawl 2016: Rediscovering America’s Identity and These Magnificent Places

The nation was coming apart at the seams. Men whose grandfathers had fought alongside one another less than a century earlier, now fought against each other. They turned on their brothers and sons and, occasionally, on their sisters and daughters. It was a time of fear: Fear that loved ones would never come home. Fear […]

Lamar, Colorado: A Dust Storm, a Pileup, and the Lessons Learned From a Tragic Close Call

We were just south of Lamar, Colorado on Highway 287 when the dust storm kicked up. We had been following a storm that looked to be forming a wall cloud (possibly a precursor to a tornado) and were working our way back toward town, staying a safe distance ahead of the storm cell. The dust engulfed […]

Stunning Vistas and Gourmet Nightmares in the Faroe Islands

Raise your hand if you know where the Faroe Islands are and the foods for which they are known! I bet only a handful of you are raising a hand right now. That’s okay. We’re going to talk about both.

Vanuatu: The Places that Become a Part of Us

Vanuatu was devastated by Cyclone Pam. To help, make a donation at GlobalGiving – Vanuatu Cyclone Relief Fund or text GIVE VANUATU to 80088 to make a $10 donation.

The 10 Most Memorable Travel Moments: Nos. 6-1

It started with a trip to the bottom of the planet, but aside from that and short trip to Paris with Mama Guava, 2014 was a year of sticking closer to home.

The 10 Most Memorable Travel Moments of 2014: No. 7

Big surprise… We’re back in Antarctica for this one! We’ll probably go back once or twice more over the next few days. As a

The 10 Most Memorable Travel Moments of 2014: No. 8

8. The man in 20B and the things I wish I’d said. Dear Man in 20B on that Delta flight from Seattle to San Francisco on Veterans Day,

The 10 Most Memorable Travel Moments of 2014: No. 9

Sometimes the moments are memorable because they carry weighty, life affirming significance. And sometimes they are memorable just because they are ridiculous. Enter roadside americana. Here’s number 9!