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A Girl and Her Blog

Hi! I’m Sivani! Photographer. Writer. Wayfarer. (And former lawyer.)

A lifelong lover of all things outdoors, I have been wandering the world since long before I picked up a camera. After several years as a federal public defender, I gave up a time-consuming legal practice and gave in to my all-consuming desire to roam the planet. That’s where you’ll find me these days: Somewhere on planet Earth. No, seriously. I once again call California home, but I am just as likely to be found looking for tigers in India or exploring an ice cave in Iceland.

Ever the Wayfarer began as a way to share my second trip to Antarctica with my family and friends. On a sailboat for a month with eight people who started out as strangers, this blog was my way of letting people know what we were up to and of letting my family know that all was well. As I traveled through the Antarctic Peninsula, sending emails into the ether that I hoped were ending up on the blog, I had no idea that Ever the Wayfarer was gaining readership beyond my circle of friends and family. Now, a year later, I am excited to be taking this to the next level and taking all of you along for the journey.

Life is full of stories and this is where I tell some of mine.